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Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014 and based in San Francisco, California.


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Marlin D. Odermatt says

"The only reason I was willing to give Uber Eats"

Sabrina Baugus says

"Zero was not an option. Your not allowed to cancel your order even after the time expired without paying heavy. Can’t contact anyone. Pathetic company using our money. Never use again."

Ben Alexander-Brown says

"Missing item. Photo provided. Refund denied."

Louise Ann says

they're help centre is useless...I'm sure its automated...they make u talk on help centre because they're afraid of the confrontation. Call this number...
This is the uber eats helpline and it's free from mobile phones. Press 1...then press 1 or 2 depending on if it's a live order or an order that's been delivered. Because if they know ur a customer...they will provide an automated message and hang up!!
I am posting the number as they try and hide it because they're sick of abuse on the phone but they've stole your money and u have every single right to call them up and say how u feel!!!
I've been on the phone to them all day with no luck but stand ur ground and tell them u WILL report them to trading standards. I have actually reported companies to trading standards before and won cases with pretty large sums of money...always remember if you are right then u CAN and u SHOULD take rubbish conning companies to the cleaners!
That's YOUR money...dont let them get away with it.

As for uber eats; you should have just delivered my cheese puffs, man and ur employees wouldnt have been given a line of abuse over the phone."

KerriLyn VH says

"Waste of $ and Time. Fake discount. Overcharged. Nice driver. Feel bad for anyone working for them. AVOID."

Christopher Brightside says

"UberEats are scams artists. Everytime they give you a discount code, their website conveniently has an error when you enter it (on any device) giving the reason "opps something went wrong please try again" or "We're experiencing high traffic please try again in a few minutes" but then when you try again it will say you have already used the discount code. Everytime!! Impossible to make a complaint because they only accept complaints against their third parties e.g. McDonalds, KFC etc. Outrageous and disgusting company."

Aidden McKenzie says

"Only giving one star because it's the lowest you can give. Would give less if it were possible. Customer service is awful especially after all the charges they add onto order."

Clark Cope says

"Sent a £15 discount code and 2days later tried to use it and said ineligible . 1st time user .... never be back #justeat for me."

Alexandros Gavriilidis says

"Incompetent service for restaurants.
Processes that do not work.
They owe over 3 thousand euros for over 3 months because of alleged PSD2 requirements.
Documents were sent to them 30 times. They still ask for the same documents. They sound like a broken record."

Customer says

"Sams chicken.
Avoid at all costs
Hospitalised due to food poisoning. Approached management once i recovered and they threatened me with violence and was told they know where i live..
Bring it on you dirty unhygienic immigrants"

Emma Benham says

"Disgusting company and disgusting customer service!!! They allow fraud on your account, then lie about details and then refuse to refund money. I’m hundreds of pounds down and they couldn’t care less and just try to cover it up. No customer service help or anything! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!"

Salik Miah says

"I have a takeaway on UberEATS
An order was accepted on our order pad and the receipt printed, which only prints when an the order is accepted, however for some reason Ubereats are saying the order was not accepted even though a receipt printed which we actioned and sent the customer the food, if the receipt had not printed we would not have prepared the food and sent to the customer. I have sent a number of emails with my concerns and no one has bothered to investigate the matter and are refusing to pay me, absolutely disgusting customer service. MiahTandoori"

Alexi Hooper says

"Ordered meals for our 2 teens 1 takeaway and another for me n hubby another takeaway..kids meals both 8 quid each not counting extras turned up with just fries and small bottle of juice.
Then half my meal is missing too????

Kasia Korytkowski says

"Awful customer service. Had to resolve through Amex and they threaten to cut you off that way. I ordered food and got a message saying the restaurant was unavailable at the end of the order - I then ordered again from another restaurant and ended up with both orders and each time there's a response to my customer service thread its a different person that I basically have to explain the same situation to again but they basically told me they can't help me and its user error."

Erin mcneill says

"Food arrived cold wasn’t willing to help on there customer service line and had a missing item"

Mark Koroknai says

"Absolutely 0000000.
This s h i t Uber, 2nd times steal my money from my account.
Orderder food for 27.51 and they took from my account twice, and no any answers why, just say blablabla, and s t u p i d answers, which is not connected to my query.
Always says just pending, and your order was cancelled, but we received the food, how is possible that was cancelled???
Keep away from this "uber" thing.
Absolutely 00 like a wc.
All advisor and customer service worker, just watching when customer charged twice, and just doing like stupid zoobie who dont know about nothing."

Karamel says

"They've stolen my money repeatedly. They aren't helpful. The driver's lie and don't deliver your food and I'm still charged for it. Don't get food from here. Disgusting service"

Diane Bucciero says

"Uber Eats customer service is POOR, you will get an automated reply based on the "reason" for your issue.
If I am going to pay extra money to deliver and tip the restaurant, driver I at least want to have recourse when I have a problem. The drivers have been great, the restaurant was fine, the app was the problem and I was overcharged."

Jabbsgooglemail.com Aj says

"I have applied to drive for uber eat delivery drive. Its been over 2month and I can't get in touch with anyone. Sent email now reply no phone number to contact them. Its is really bad. Customer service doesn't exist. I have now applied for just eat delivery. Got it straight away. Any problems just email and reply comes straight away. Don't bother with uber eat."


"I have been a regular user of uber eats past few times I have had the odd item missing which they refunded. This time I ordered which order was around 30 pounds and when my food come all I had was 4 pounds worth of food basically my whole order was missing, went to support to say items were missing and was told I wasnt going to receive a refund as this is a regular occurrence basically calling me a liar 26 pounds i have wasted and not recievd my items will be deleting the app and not using again"